If I can’t say I’m sorry, how can I ever truly say I love you?

Time has passed and maybe the wounds have healed

But my regret has haunted me since

No, I can’t rewind and take back my wrongs

However, I will attempt to set the present straight

For every uncomfortable conversation I’ve avoided

And every concern I pushed aside

Sure you’ve moved on, let it go, grown from it

But I know someone else is paying for my mistakes

Innocent shoulders have been forced to carry my weight

You don’t have to forgive me, it’s a choice only you can make

But you deserve the satisfaction of an apology

A coward used to live here, but things have changed

I can’t move on with chains of irresponsibility holding me back

I offer you what’s left of what you’re entitled to

I apologize for everything I’ve left you to bear

If I’ve kept you from the freedom, I’ve been enslaved as well

Freedom, what I can give, I humbly place back at your feet, where it belongs

There… so for all of you waiting for your apology that you never got.  There it is.  It’s time to move on