Resolutions to change I make every day

Some thrown to the side, but a number are chosen to stay

But for 2013, I ask for something different

To give meaning to my life, more than it’s ever meant

I try to keep things simple, so how do I sum it up in one word?

What letters strung together prove personally significant when heard?

Something with some roots attached to the base

Grabs hold of my core cutting through all the waste

A word that I can use this year to keep me afloat

Keep me focused when everyone jumps ship and I’m left alone with the boat

PURPOSE… yes, a direction to go when the fog sets in

PURPOSE… a Step 1 when I fall and have to start all over again

I’ve never been a good wanderer because left alone, I always end up in a ditch

I followed that treasure map and come to the conclusion that I suck at being rich

All I need is a PURPOSE, not a destination or a title to keep

Just a PURPOSE, so I’ll recognize my fruit when I’m told to reap

A reason to be sure that my seemingly mundane has an aim

A personally customized manifestation of the life I claim

You can keep yours, because I now have my own

Now it’s time for me to pay up interest on the life I’ve been loaned