By now, I think just about everyone has heard the news of the tragedy in Connecticut.  Around this time, many people (still care, but) have pushed the news aside in their minds, not necessarily out of selfishness, but out of inability to make sense of the emotions that have been unearth.  We/They have become numb to the sad reality that this is the world we live in just so we can function another day.

For me the shock has started to subside and I’m falling back into a place where I was never called to feel comfortable in.  Of course for this one I had to go into some serious prayer because I just couldn’t comprehend it.  There’s really no way for us to make sense of situations like this, but there’s always something to take away.  I wanted to share with you all what God’s shown me through this.


*I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to make light of the situation in any way.  I just feel that with so many lives and opportunities lost (in this situation as well as numerous others in recent past) it would be a shame to let those all go in vain.*

  1. Many of us feel helpless a lot, especially in a time like this.  Well, as horrible as this is, it’s proof that one person can make quite an impact.  This person made one choice that changed the lives of A LOT of people.  Who’s to say that another person making a good choice can’t make just as much of an impact on others?

  2. What if those of us who want a better world were willing to be just as bold as those who are doing the opposite.  I’m using the word ‘bold’ in a much different way than brave.  What was done was not brave, but it wasn’t something that was easy either.  I mean, he was prepared to die for his decision.  As devastating as that decision was, it’s the truth.  Why can’t we be just as committed to our decisions to make the best of what we have left?

  3. As hard as it is, now is the time to love, not hate.  Hate is what gets us into these situations.  They didn’t come from love!  It’s easier said than done, absolutely, but until we are ready to put in the work it takes, we will keep getting the same results.

It’s all in God’s hands and no matter how close we are to God, we will never have all the answers.  You must seek him for that, but as much as I believe prayer has supernatural power in our reality, action goes a long way.  So I send up a prayer for healing and direction for those family in this time, then, in the same prayer, I ask God how he’d like to use me to see those prayers manifested in lives. I hope this hurts us all.  The more we run from pain and suffering, the faster it catches up on us.

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