Another stadium showcasing your name in lights

The umpteenth time you’ve cursed days to party nights

Your hundredth photo shoot for a magazine you don’t have time to read

Long gone are the days when you ever went without what you need

You’re idolized by people whose names you’ll never know

But you’re plagued by the understanding that you’ll reap what you sow

The beautiful opportunity given to few and you’ve been gifted

Got caught up pushing others out of the way so you can be lifted

Oh yes, you spark envy in the heart of many, but respect in few

You set out to change the game but to us you’re nothing new

Please don’t misunderstand; I don’t curse your talent and ambition

It’s just disheartening that traded your God-given calling for recognition

You offer us so much of so little; empty words shouted at the top of our lungs

Thought you’d be giving life, but have taught a deceitful language to our tongues

Things going good are not an indication of you doing well

It always feels so sweet and safe while living under a spell

You’ve been chosen to lead, now where are you taking your fans?

You’re not quite there yet so there’s still time to change your plans