I was saved in the past.
I am saved in the present.
I will be saved in the future.
That may just be a worn out phrase to some but only to those who have forgotten what it means.
Saved: to save from danger or possible harm; to keep safe; to keep from being lost; preserve; to deliver from the power and consequences of sin
How can you hear that and not be thankful that it pertains to you?
How can you hear that and not be jealous that it doesn’t pertain to you?
Some people are taught to depend on themselves, that no one can save them but them….
In some ways its true.
Only you can let yourself be saved, yet you can’t save yourself.
We were born with the desire to be rescued, some of us learn to ignore the feeling and some of us search our whole lives looking for our hero.
I found mine.
I’m not here to boast, I’m here refer you to him.
I admit, sometimes I lose sight and decide to be helpless.
decide to stop fighting and just let whatever happens happen.
But we have all seen the news and that’s what happens when you let ‘whatever happens happen’.
Not long after my lapse in judgment I go running back to him begging for protection.
That’s not the trap I want to spend the rest of my life trying to get out of.
Enough of pretending that I’m all alone in this fight.
Enough of wondering why I have this responsibility instead of thanking him for trusting me enough to give it to me.
Enough of putting everything else first.
Enough of thinking that this life is all there is.
Enough of listening to everyone else but You.
Enough of doubting Your promises.
Enough of taking You for granted.
Enough of forgetting what I am… and that’s SAVED.