Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Hey Love, I’ve spent my whole life chasing you

Then avoiding you, wanting you, and then doing whatever I wanted to do

But wouldn’t you know it?  You caught me at a dead-end, alive as can be

Oh Love, you’ve done a horribly beautiful thing in ruining me

Every day I wake up to see a new form of you sauntering in

You make it hard for me to be satisfied with Lust, your evil twin

I’m not the only one that’s fallen for it, but I’m the only one that counts

I tally the changes you’ve made in me and always come up with different amounts

Play hard to get with Love and prepare to get got

I can’t buy you, Love, so I’m sitting on the shelf to be bought

I said I wanted nothing to do with you, but you know I lied

Only because my track record with you was clashing with my pride

Trying to find a human face to match how you make me feel

But I must wait for your manifestation; that was the deal

How is it you got here before he made his grand appearance?

Suppose you wanted me to appreciate your presence first and that’s the difference

Allow me to romance you; convince you to make my existence your resting place

My grip is not as tight as I’d like it to be so I’ll allow you your space

But Love, I’m playing for eternal keeps so roam while you can

I love you as a possibility, so I can respect you in the reality of a man

Quickly approaching the deadline to have tied up all loose ends

I’m scrambling, but I’m just about ready for whoever Love sends