Sometimes you just gotta sit back and analyze

Spent so much time trying to earn, save, and bargain

The things we’re really trying to possess, yea, they don’t have it either 

The vicious circle of confusion and illusion

Thinking the next gain will be the big payoff you’ve been looking for

Pull the lever and you’ll still just get lemon, lemon, lemon

But on this round we’ve sacrificed so much more than pennies and quarters

No, no, in this gamble we’ve offered our time, dreams, effort, devotion, our life

Pull the lever again, no cherries, roll the dice, no sevens

Spin the wheel hoping to win at roulette but you’re holding a losing hand at poker

The flashing lights of success and the bells & whistles of satisfaction, nope, not real

Don’t feel stupid, you’re far from being alone at the table 

Look to your left, now look to your right

See that person who thinks they’re winning?  

Give it a second and watch the realization wash over their face

See that person who looks like they have nothing left to give?

They’ve been playing the game so long, they know no other way

Past, present, and future all lined up and blind to the warnings just waiting to be noticed

No matter which you are, get up from the table

This place won’t kick you out until you have nothing left

They have no prizes to give and no titles to win

You think you’re gambling with the chance to win

Honey, really you’re just paying to play

Get up, take what you’ve got because you’ve already forfeited what you lost

But you’ve just gained the chance to leave with something