It was starting to get lonely here in my heart
I thought to post ads for the perfect companion but I wasn’t sure where to start
Maybe someone loving, thoughtful, calm, and sweet
Someone who I could be excited about bringing my friend’s home to meet
There was someone, him, who would always show up at the door
But I always declined because he seemed like such a bore
I continuously chose the sly looking and smooth talking
As opposed to the other guy who I would tell to ‘just keep walking’
Well he was a whole lot of trouble,that is, the one who was good with his words
But I’m the one to blame because that’s what I’d always heard
So many times I wanted to kick him out but I didn’t want to be alone
I let myself get in too deep, too far in the zone
So heartbroken I didn’t know if I could take much more
Just in time, there was a knock and the guy who I thought was no fun was at my door
He asked if I’d be willing to let him make his home in my heart with me
I was down to my last resort; how much worse could he be?
He said when he moved in he’d have to redecorate
But the part that got me? He said he wouldn’t be satisfied being just my roommate
He told me that if I accepted the offer, the bond would be for life
To show his sincerity he asked me to be his holy wife
I thought this offer was too good to be true
But then again, my happiness was long overdue
My ways, I knew they had to change
But he said he would be more than happy to help me rearrange
So as of now I’m preparing to become a bride
And it’s not easy but I’m taking all the differences in my life in stride
Yes, I’ve stumbled and have made more than one mistake
But that’s another burden he took on for my sake
He said the best wedding present was waiting but it was a surprise
And that I would understand what he meant the day I looked him in his eyes
I can’t wait to see what my new roommate got me
Oops! I mean the Lord whose bride I am to be