I never hesitated to wave my white flag for you

Now you’ve shown me why I never should have felt bad for you

Don’t test a person’s willingness to follow you by jumping off a cliff

My commitment has its limits and these charades are causing a rift

I understand no one’s perfect and I’d never ask you to be so

But I’ve seen the warning signs and they are telling me it’s time to go

Loyalty is a hot commodity and what I have is restricted to those who don’t misuse

I confided to you and I don’t promise to stick where I don’t fit so this is not new news

I hope this doesn’t sound like a bitter calloused person because I swear it’s not

In fact, I’m protecting myself because I want to give the purest form of what I’ve got

Some consider it hard-hearted or rude to hold some people at a distance

I think it’s wise and brave because a person’s will to love can be shattered in an instant

If what you have to offer is so great, don’t you save it for who appreciates it same?

Keeping my smile fresh so that every time I leave the room they’re glad I came

The love I have for me will not be diminished by things I’ve subjected myself to

I will take care of me because a healthy Simone is going to be better for both me and you