You’ve opened my eyes
I thought truth of so many lies
Now through the illusion, I see
How did I let him make such a fool of me?
Regret is now of no use
“I didn’t know” in an invalid excuse
When I look up, the sky isn’t always blue
In fact, saying its gray seems a bit more true
Not every smile is sincere
They are used more to hide fear
We are blind yet think everything’s great
When in reality, everywhere we look is drenched in hate
Except here… with you
And those you’ve called, too
How blessed we are to have life outside our finite home
Green pastures and still waters occupy where we’ll roam
We itch and fidget in Heaven’s waiting room
Saddened that others will become acquainted with doom
Even so we try to clean ourselves up before your return
Putting into practice the teachings you’ve told us to learn
Your children here just miss you so much
We are eager and do what’s needed to be closer to your touch
I know we’ve all cried ourselves to sleep at night
Thinking we were too weak to continue to fight
But here we are, we haven’t stopped yet
If you put money on us then you’ll win that bet
You’ve placed us on top of the mountain
To look up to you rather than down at men
But instead of taking advantage of your darkest day
I will use my light to help you continue on our way
The great love I have for Him I was asked me to also share with you
And because I’m confident He knows best, that’s exactly what I’ll do