A fight to the death behind eyes so peaceful

Ever-present question of who will rule the days ahead

Society is going crazy? You should see what’s happening behind this smile

With every push towards the better me there’s a pull back to what I know best

Each good deed is tainted by a hidden thought filled inhabited by the unacceptable

“She’s got it all together.” Yep, all of it, the pure and the tarnished are cozy roommates

Don’t get me wrong, I try with everything I have to be something more than what I am

But with everything I don’t have I’m obligated to accept the little that’s changed

Oh I’ll be free of this, don’t confuse my words with abdication of a greater me

It’s more like a confession, a realization of what shouldn’t be

What I strive for can no longer bow to what’s become commonplace

Some bridges I must burn because I’m drowning in the flood

But through it all I’ve learned out tread water

As soon as I make it to land, I’ll regain possession of my legs

As soon as I remember how to walk, I’ll build the strength to run

Demolishing every wall I’ve built to hold myself back

For now I tread… plotting my revenge on the disease I’ve let hold dominion over my spirit

“Long live the queen!” they shout now, but a mutiny is underway

I don’t think the queen of failure is going to live to see another day