Waking up with a smile on my face, but with a heart for a nation divided

Forced to choose between my own happiness and ours, I’m undecided

Step into another day similar to the last pretending like I’m not excited

Two sides called to live in the peace that we claim to own; united

Your title as friend and foe have become a gray area as they’ve collided

But this is where we are now, so let’s make sure every wrong is righted

How easily we give up the harmony we try to invoke on other nations we’ve ‘guided’

Why does our relationship die when it can’t agree on which end of the issue we’ve sided?

So much seems to have been lost in the friend in which I confided

But to whom much has been lost, much will be provided

I’m throwing a party in appreciation of what’s happened and you’re still invited

I’m honored to say we’re in this together and in that, I’m delighted