Candy canes and lollipops reign over the days to come

Just a few short weeks until this period is done

So many things have changed but most have stayed the same

Although I begged for a 180, in seeing the end, I can’t complain

Should I try again in pressing for a change in atmosphere

Or do I simply go ahead and appreciate for making it another year?

Open the door, hand out candy, ooh and aah at costumes because it’s Halloween

Get sick off treats because I don’t think that one piece was supposed to be green

Sit at the table for Thanksgiving and pretend to truly understand how blessed I am

When in reality I want everyone to hurry up because I’m dying for a slice of ham

Text ‘Merry Christmas’ to all my family and friends because I’ve lost sight

Instead of celebrating Jesus, I’m busy making sure my family doesn’t fight

At the end I look back amazed at how little my life has seemed to evolve

For some reason I thought I could turn everything around without being involved

“Next year will be different” yet I can’t commit to improving tomorrow

In the end, I just want to give more than I borrow