Today God, we moved mountains and then ground them to dust
I was overtaken, elevated, and rejuvenated
A step was taken forward and there will be none taken back
You took me beyond my flesh, so far that I didn’t exist
I was consumed, every nook and cranny
My mind tries to make sense of it, but instead I laugh because there’s no sense to be made
Not because it didn’t happen but because my mind was not permitted to go where you took my heart
That place… there is nothing like it
My life is dedicated to going and staying there because that’s my peace
Not the kind of peace that makes you sleep and snore
But the peace that makes you jump and run
I am so much of nothing without you
Just a void that allowed everything to dwell in me
But now I’ve been filled to the very tip-top
Now nothing else has room to enter
You wanted me and now you have me
For some reason that sounds like you’re the one who is gaining something
But no… I’m the one who has been given the privilege to breathe real breath
My heart screams for you so much that my mouth can’t keep up
Lucky me that the words from my lips are not what you listen to
Thank you for being who you are
I mean that with everything I have, yet it still seems so futile
I don’t know what to say so I’ll close my mouth and just let my heart speak
Bless you Lord, my one and only God, THE one and only God