There was a time when my words dripped with God’s glory, when my thoughts were inflamed by His spirit.

Today my words have gone dry and my thoughts only momentarily sizzle

What happened to the fire in my eye?  Have I gone blind or has the fire been put out?

Stick me back in the fire. I know it burns, but I’m only medium rare and you like your children well done.

Do it again


There was a time when my joy in the Lord oozed out of my pores, when I couldn’t move without feeling consumed by His presence

Today my joy is overshadowed by my tasks and my moves are predictable and automatic.

What happened to the desires of my heart?  Have they grown stale or have I grown numb?

Prune me as you see fit.  I know it’s painful, but I’m wildly overgrown and you like your children refined.

Do it again


There was a time when every breath was pointless without you, when my hunger was only for your Word.

Today my breathing has become shallow and my hunger pains have dulled

What happened to my attentive ear?  Have I gone deaf or have I stopped listening?

Cleanse me from this.  I know it’s like I’m drowning, but I’m only decent and you like your children blameless.

Do it again

Please do it again.