Hey honey, come sit down and talk with me for a lil’ bit

There are a few things separating us and we need to resolve all of it

If we’re breaking the rules then we’re partners in crime

And if we get caught, then we’re partners doin’ time

We’ve come a long way since you were the head of the family

Now, even as half of a couple, I’m taught to only look out for me

Yea, some of you have burned us so badly and we’ll never forget

But refusing to let you enter into manhood is something we all regret

For how we’ve degraded you, we were way out of line

Please forgive us because I’m still yours and you’re still mine

We’ve taken everything you are till there’s little to nothing left

What we’ve robbed you of is in no way a petty theft

It’s time for me to take a step back and let you be the man

It’s time for me to tap into my abilities like only a woman can

Can anyone tell me how we became so afraid to depend on each other

How the woman you’re connected to isn’t worth respecting but worth making a mother

We aren’t innocent because there are two sides to every war

The way to peace is there but neither of us wants to be the first to step through the door

No more complaining of how there are no more good men

Time to show them what the boys are missing out on and see what happens then