Sometimes I wonder if I missed my calling,
Let the phone ring too many times expecting the machine to pick up.
I think “Maybe they got the wrong number.”
Or is it that am I afraid of who may be on the other line?
Taking the road less traveled by is a tricky thing.
Not everyone wants to know the reason no one chose it.
Could it be that the path wasn’t worth the trip
Hmm, or maybe some just aren’t equipped to travel the same route.
Can you blame me for being a little cautious?
I’ve made my way down plenty of dead ends,
Even lost a few people who picked the way I knew wasn’t for me.
Take the wrong bus and it might take you everywhere but where you want to go.
All this makes perfect sense but…
Is just standing here in fear of making a bad decision the right choice?
Isn’t that a choice in itself, usually the wrong choice?
So afraid of choosing that I let the choice be made for me.
No, no, no, that can’t be right.
If I make a mistake at least I can go back and try a different path,
But if I don’t move there’s nowhere to go back to.
Think too much, do too little.
Gotta start somewhere, why not the beginning?
Time is a wastin’ and clock is a tickin’
It’s time for me to choose.