My heart is feeling things my head can’t comprehend. This is the conversation they have almost everyday… it’s amazing.

Head: I don’t get it. Please explain.

Heart: There’s really no need to. You’d understand completely if
it were you who felt the pain.

Head: Well it just doesn’t seem logical. Nothing now makes sense.

Heart: I know, I know, but just think, now all the bad things are
past tense.

Head: But the things happening around us are so bad and you act
as though things are good.

Heart: Oh but things are good and don’t worry, this is something
no intellect has ever understood.

Head: Look at everyone else! This isn’t how we’re supposed to be!

Heart: I don’t want to live like everyone else anymore. I’ve made
a choice, now all the understanding comes through me. You’ve constantly been under attack but I’m the one who catches the slack. I’m the one who endures the hardships while you get to control what comes in through the eyes and out of the lips. Though your intentions are true and honest, your capacity cannot take us beyond this. Someone found me who will take care of us. You’ve been blinded and can’t see that he’s someone we can trust.

Head: Did you check is credentials to see if he’s legit.

Heart: Didn’t I just tell you that every time we blink he proves it?

Head: I don’t know this just sounds too good to be true.

Heart: He said you’d say that, he also said that’s why he doesn’t consult you.

Head: Well I’m in charge. Why didn’t he at least come to me first?

Heart: Not anymore, I am the life of this body and it is only through me that he will help considering we were born cursed.

Head: Cursed?! I don’t remember anything like that being done.

Heart: You wouldn’t, for us it’s been the norm from day one. But for me there were times when I kept feeling his nudge, but you were in control and I knew you wouldn’t budge.

Head: You’re right! This is nonsense and won’t last.

Heart: Oh and you’ve always made the best decisions in the past?

Head: Hmm, well what will become of me now that the man in power only talks to you?

Heart: Oh don’t worry; there is still plenty for you to do. This won’t work if you don’t participate but God wants your willingness to cooperate.

Head: I still don’t understand the ‘who, what, when, where, why, and how’ but to you he’s made this vow. I want the best for us so I will submit as I am commanded and execute the tasks that I am handed. Forgive me if I temporarily lose sight of our goal and try to take back the control.

Heart: I know it’s hard but I am understanding as he’s told me to be. Remember we are on the same team, you and me.

Heart: Dear Father,
My mind and I have talked and we are ready to follow your lead. Teach us your will and your way, whatever that may be. I can’t promise that my head will always be compliant learner, but he has agreed to let you have your way and sit on the back burner. Keep us and refresh us because we’re worn out and tired. As you have requested, Satan has been fired. I know you have rescued us and that’s why we are now ‘saved’. We have the desire to be your good little children who are well-behaved. Open up my eyes so that through you I can see. I love you with all that I am and everything you will have me be. I fall heir to You and well taken care of. I promise to bury in my heart that everything you do is done out of love. You will hear me speak of you and to you all the time. I am no longer silenced, walking through life as a mime. Once again, thank you for giving me a new song and I can’t wait to talk to you again before long.

With love,
On the behalf of Simone’s mind, heart, body, and soul