Around the edges, where the Me I know reaches for where the You begins

The edges, that’s where the line starts and for many, where the journey ends

The rough places that exposes malice, only deters those out for blood

Head for high land because this place is arid, but it’s time to send a flood

It’s an defense that only the rejected, defeated, and unfit find offensive

If you come with an agenda to overthrow the queen, you should be apprehensive

But you, you got through unscathed, with your armor on but without weapons drawn

I set everyone to the test, so I left you out for the night and kept watch until dawn

The others linger around the edges hoping to find vulnerability, but are easily demolished

But that tactic was no match for your genuine motives, so you came through polished

You simply knocked on the door, showed your face and shocked me with your honesty

With every word was almost a tangible sincerity and an abundance of modesty

I’m always armed and ready to fight because I’ve been doing it for so long

But maybe this hunger to always be right, to be ruler, is something I got all wrong

Truly I’d much rather melt into your being so my edges become your core

So my edges no longer exist.  So we’re an Us and I’m not a Me anymore