Candle’s burning at both ends and you’re stuck in the middle

Crossing days off the calendar like you got somewhere to be

Counting down to your next thrill but when it passes there’s nothing left

Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know something is missing

Could I have skipped an important step so many times over?

Cause I tried everything and was so sure I got it right

Crossed the road a million times but still ended up on the same side

Compassion walked out as independence sauntered in

Caring is now what I used to do and “real” is what I am

Crippled and cracked but still walking upright

Crawl in the back door thinking I look cute as VIP

Crazy if I think this stimulus will keep me lifted forever

Cringing as my gut begs me to wait for something better

Comfort becomes first priority and meaning becomes a childish dream

Create the illusion of happiness when I know it’s all imploding

Conquering myself in spite of myself is just another task

Crush everything I’ve built so I feel safe to start again