I don’t ask of you to be perfect, because that you will never be
I just ask that when you feel weak, you come to me
We can start over and do it right
I want you with me during this fight
You’ve done wrong, but please don’t hide
In me is where you need to confide
My love for you in all eternity has not and will not change
There’s no where you can go where you’ll be out of my range
You think I’m blind to you, but your heart still calls
No matter how deep the hole in which you fall
Without me, you won’t get out alive
Regardless of good deeds or how hard you strive
I don’t want to lose you, but know you better than to lose me
You go through life as a locked door and only I have a key
Aren’t you curious to see what I’ve hidden within you?
All the abilities you’ve been given for the things you’re going to do?
Let me show you what lies ahead
Or are you content with sleepless nights lying in bed?
Yes, I see and hear you wondering what you were made for
Why everything you do in life ends up being a bore
It’s because you don’t have me to liven up what’s grown stale
You live every second in an invisible jail
You say you’ve had enough but I know it’s not true
If it was, you’d be with me and that decision is long overdue