Picture via www.vh1.com

Picture via http://www.vh1.com

Seems I fall victim to it too; caught in the web of vanity like so many of us do.

Look in the mirror and sometimes I see the truth, but can’t

be blind to the lies.  My heart and mind take a backseat to my pride of a thin waist that introduces hips of an enviable size.

I shouldn’t’ be so taken by his admiration and lust of what he sees but let’s be honest, I get a little satisfaction out of him saying please.

Yes, I know you judge me for my appreciation of being appreciated, wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t participated .

As a woman I’d hate to raise a daughter in a world that lives by sight, but she’ll be born to a mother that couldn’t finish the fight.

I try not to feel entitled by my looks yet when all else fails they’re utilized to get me off the hook.

Crazy cus I sincerely see beauty everywhere, but when I’m around you, I’m jockeying for your longing stare.

I’m in competition with no one but me however I’ve elected the world as judges to what I should be.

No pity, should be taken on me because I’m more than blessed.  By my own choosing I’ve become obsessed.

Don’t try to dip your toe into sinking sand because there’s no foundation there for you to stand.

Yea, you better believe I’m killin’ em in that dress, but my perception and self-image are a mess.

Nothing wrong with taking pride in the women we are, but we’ve distorted what that pride looks like thus far.

Bring a man to his knees and I’ll smile.  Follow me down the street and I’ll drag you around for miles.

I wish I could say that it wasn’t all true, but I really do get something out of what my beauty does to you.

So that’s it, the monster I try daily to tame.  The one who has me on a leash and calls me by name.