To you it’s just another day of doing what feels right

More time to pretend you’re not living with dull sight

For me it’s another day full of heartache and wonder of when you’ll come back to me

If only you could comprehend the attack against you that my eyes can see

I just want to keep you safe and give you a life your mind could never imagine

But for some reason I have to spend so much time trying to pull you back in

I know you can’t understand my ways or my plans, nor have I asked you to

What I do ask is that when the time comes, that you trust in what I said I’d do

I miss you so much when you’re not near me

If only you would spend more time trying to see me more clearly

I cry out your name, reach for your heart, and beg for your spirit

It hurts when you flinch and pretend like you don’t hear it

Sometimes I get lucky and you’ll respond quickly, with not a second to burn

Other times I sit and mourn our separation until you return

I know it’s not easy and I don’t expect that you’ll never stray

Yet I pray that when you do start to wander that you don’t stay

You can never go any place where we’re not together

You even said yourself, that with me it was better