I’ve looked deep into the eyes of your kind before

Convinced myself that you weren’t worth the trouble anymore

 All I could recognize was a shell, empty with confusion and desperation

Instead of being compelled to show you the way, I left in frustration

I’ve given in to the judgmental thoughts and stubbornness of our time

When you tried to come close, I disappeared and refused to call you mine

Now I see that it was wrong and I hope what I have to offer isn’t too late

Somehow I’ve perpetuated the division that continues to grow at an alarming rate

I’ve hardened with my brothers & sisters, turned my back on my daughter and my son

It’s hard to expect you to seek the help of others when the ones capable run

I’m so sorry for my irresponsibility that’s responsible for all the time we’ve lost

I’m going back to retrieve all the salvageable compassion that I’ve tossed