Left the light on for you even though I know you won’t be home tonight

I wanted you to be able to find your way back even if home is out of sight

I probably won’t try to stay awake again, but I don’t know. I just might.

Long ago, you taught me a lesson of how to hold still and be patient

To have faith that a dollar is coming when all I have to hold on to is a cent

Gotta say, I have a whole new awareness of not knowing what’s what as of recent

Even when you’re gone I benefit and guess I should thank you for that

Although I’d much rather have you sitting there where you always sat

I suit up for us every day just in case I’m called into combat

You said you felt trapped and that you wanted to be free

Funny, because I never put you in chains forcing you to be with me

But I’ll let you go on the hunt through life like there’s some magic key

The bed has long been cold and I’m working to make sure my heart doesn’t follow suit

You get whatever it is you need because if you come back, I don’t want there to be any dispute

You’re lopping off our branches but I’m alone down here trying to nourish the root

I wonder if I called you, would you recognize the change in my voice

And if so would you still have made the same choice?

Just something to hold on to, something to make me rejoice

The table’s been set for two since that day I wish I could forget

But I can’t so I’m stuck in the loop of making sure your place is set

And you think you were enslaved. This routine is as ‘stuck’ as one can get

They say “love is all you need”.  That’s a bunch of crap

Ask how many lovers scorned have fallen victim to that trap

Love is the starting point but it’s not going to fill that gap

I’m busy saving what’s left so there ain’t no time to turn bitter

I’m a grown woman so I don’t need no babysitter

Since you been gone I learned I’m too strong to be a quitter