There is still hope when I cannot recognize who appears in the mirror
Then I can conclude that there is more to me than meets the eye
That the most distinctive part of me cannot be known by mere physical sight
Many can only panic in the same situation because they know of nothing other than what their senses say
The mirror does not have the ability to reflect the spirit that cannot be contained in this body
This laughter contains much more than the simple tone and pitch variation identified by the ears
The discovery of your existence outside of the common realm

The knowledge that here & now is insignificant to the there & then.
I choose to come alive again and that means to die to what you see and live in what’s been given me
Lucky that the mirror doesn’t reflect my reality, instead it’s all just a decoy, a distraction
But it makes me smile because now I’m wise enough to see right through the mirror
I look down and notice that I’m holding my heart in my hands; it’s nice to finally feel it beat again…