With all the times I’ve said no, I’ll fix my mouth to say yes

In my hand I hold on to the things I know, things long dead

Give me something else to engage in, something with the promise of life

Happiness is overrated and peace is heavily understated

I know there has to be more to me than who you say I am

I can’t help but think there is something there’s an eternity I’ve missed

Opportunities have gone their own way and I’ve made peace with their passing

I don’t curse the life that I’ve built for myself but I’ve never been much of a craftsman

The thought of being restored, the hope of being renewed, the possibility of being redeemed

It’s phenomenal how real dreams can become when you bring them being

Some days I wake up more likely live with a burden rather than a purpose

This is so much harder than I thought but it’s also worth so much more