That was the day my heart stopped beating
The day my ears started bleeding
My breath started to stop
My jaw couldn’t help but drop
Emotions are such a funny thing
Especially so since I’m familiar with ever-present, pain
Fear drops by every now and again
And so, surprise usually pops its head in
But happiness, more like love… those are the ones I look for
That’s what I’m doing when you see me creeping around the back door
One day I looked in the mirror and was so amazed because, you see
Everything I looked for, the things I hunted were right there just waiting on me
I wasn’t looking for love necessarily in a husband or mate
I’m human so I just really yearned for someone who could relate.
When I bared my soul I really needed someone who would appreciate.
The world, if you let it, can be such a lonely place
Most times I couldn’t even bring myself to like my own face
My life mainly consisted of trying to find my better half
But I was made as a whole; it’s just too bad I didn’t pay more attention in math
My eyes refused to see just how perfect of a match for me I was made to be
All the times I ran, all the traps I set
Really I was the only thing keeping me in emotional debt
I am and have always been the only one
And now all my searching and seeking is finally done
That was the day my heart stopped just beating, and started singing
The same day my ears started bleeding due to the sound of Heaven’s bells ringing
My breath started to stop or maybe it just started to speed
My jaw dropped for it was then that everything in me had been freed
Because it was that day I finally stopped fighting and let God have his way with me.