Why so beaten down and weary?

Our time here really isn’t all that scary

You better get up and learn to dance a little

If you can’t manage a laugh, muster up a giggle

That party dress is flowing so you’re feeling extra lush

And honey you know you looking good in that sharp tux

I’m not one to turn my back on my responsibilities and troubles

But every now and then I need to break free of that tight little bubble

Smile like you mean it, I dare you to do it just cause you can

This ain’t marriage so no one is going to ask for your hand

I plan on letting loose tonight so maybe it’s best I do this dance alone

I’m getting a little cocky and letting my presence be known

Be sure to BYOF (bring your own fan) cause we’re generating heat

Don’t got money for a DJ so just put that playlist on repeat

There’s not room in here for you to be asking “why?”

We brought the answer, so tell just yourself “Because I’m fly”

Hope you don’t plan on ever wearing that outfit again

It was dead on arrival, I knew that before the dancing began

Take tomorrow off because you may still be here for your next shift

The whole point is the give these heavy hearts and low levels a lift

Leave your stiff and conservative ways all the way at home

You need some stimulation so be prepared to have your mind blown

I’m telling my to-do list to take a load off and wait in line

Because tonight my priority is to just to show off and have a good time