Dear You 🙂

After quite some time of dreaming and hoping to one day publish a book, I’ve come to the point that I know it’s time to act.  My thought used to be: When I can afford it and when I have quality material, I’ll pursue publishing a book. Well, I’m halfway there, working on creating material I’m proud of and that (I think) is worth reading.  I now understand that if I put my goal on hold waiting on finances, it won’t happen.

Since I am fairly close to having all of the material for a book, I’m seeking a different route to financially pay for publishing costs (a wonderful idea from a close friend). I have set up a PayPal account in hopes of donations.  Those who know me personally know that asking for money is not my thing, but this isn’t me begging for funds, it’s me asking those who are able to invest to do so.  This book will happen no matter what.  Its existence is not up for question, the time of publishing is, however.

The account is strictly for the future of a publication (not paying bills, shopping, or anything like that). Of course I will also be depositing my own money regularly because I can’t ask you to do anything I won’t do myself.  To do so online, you can go to and send it to the email address or any other way that works for you.  I just want the money! Just kidding… kinda.  I know that times are hard and therefore everyone can’t give or can only give little.  In that case I really do hope you’ll continue supporting me simply by praying, reading, and possibly sharing my work.

I’ll continue doing my daily quotes through texts and poetry/blogs on  You can subscribe to the blog through email (no need to be a member of WordPress) and to daily quotes by personally sending me you phone #.  So beyond ecstatic right now and no matter what happens I will keep you all updated on progress!!!!

You can contact me for anything pertaining to any of my writing or thoughts at


Simone “Monniiee” Smith