Office Cars
Office Cars (Photo credit: joeszilvagyi)

Glad to be at a crossroad rather than a dead-end.

“What now?” is a better question than “When?”

Don’t know where I’m gonna end up or even how I’m getting there

But for a while now I’ve been packing my bags and saving up for fare

Thought I lost a few passengers that were gonna be around for the ride

Turns out I was just entertaining ghosts too scared to pick a side

Can’t complain though, it was nice to have them for a little while

It wasn’t bad having company for what would have been a lonely mile

But now I’m here alone again, but not at all hesitant to do this solo

I’m taking the scenic route to make sure it’s really me that I know

Detours, stop signs, speed traps, flashing lights, they’re all drawing near

Gotta drive at night, through the storms, and past the fog, let’s make that clear

You didn’t hitch a ride in no taxi cab, that’s why your car is on the curb

You don’t take the wheel, you shouldn’t expect anything else but to swerve

Anyway, my rest stop time is coming to an end

Hope to see you soon, down the road and around the bend