My heart for you never grows old

The fire you set in me never gets cold

You are mine even when you act as if it isn’t so

You fight and fuss but I’ll never let you go

The love you dismiss is all that will fill the hole

I call to you while you hold auditions to replace me in my role

You freely give your all to liars and thieves

Yet you look surprised once one hurts you and leaves

But I’m still here waiting for you to confess you’ve had enough

You think you’re too much for me but I know you’re not that tough

You see me everyday yet you don’t recognize my face

You want to know me, you say, but is that really the case?

You hide from others, but I see every little crack

The walls you’re using to keep everyone out won’t hold me back

Let go of death while there’s still time to live

All that you seek, I’m already attempting to give