Life is
Life is (Photo credit: nyoin)

It’s good to see that twinkle in her eye hasn’t faltered under her wrinkles

That the fire that kept me warm all those years ago still burns steady and withers slow

No matter what they tell you, it is possible to only die one death and live life times two

Death of the flesh yet the life of the soul, the spirit, still stays forever youthful

Oh yea, you will have to learn to fight to the end for it but that’s alright

My body is more and more tired everyday but my heart is still pumping strong in every way

See the way he looks at his son like bringing this child into existence is a great thing he’s done?

Or how she looks at her mom with gratitude for making her house a home?

Every tear is a lifeline holding you to reality, every smile reminding you of how good it can be

Our lives read like a huge clock, but use each tick as a rhythm synchronizing steps in my walk

I’m not a sales woman earning commission if you try it, life doesn’t cost a thing yet so many try to buy it

In the end, mine is not different from your fate, so why be miserable during the wait?