I invite you to get comfortable. So sit down, take a seat

I’ve got a story to tell and there are a few characters you might want to meet

Your elaborate ways display courage to some and my simplicity shows restraint

Yet, I see your quiet insecurity and you sense that my “plain” doesn’t signal a saint

We see you moving in slow motion, treading lightly throughout the nights

The tradition of living in hiding has taken away so many of your rights

Step one, step two, with the thunderous beat of your cowardly heart

You begin to weaken due to the anxiety of waiting for “life” to start

Day after day you open your eyes hoping to fight off the attack

Understanding the intensity of true honesty is an unfamiliar act

You know how things just don’t seem right sometimes

When you feel the flame of burning bridges and the sting of crossed lines

Everyone says they want to mature, but no one wants to change

Looking to broaden their horizon, but refuse to travel the wide range

They’ll say, “I’m the same person now as I was 10 years ago.”

Well, congratulations on a decade of refusing to grow

Tell me I’ve changed; that I don’t do the things I used to

You’ll get a smile, a hug, and a sincere “thank you”

Use your tears as ink and the joys of life as the canvas

Can’t imagine a meaningful life committing anything less

Not every beginning has a predictable end

Deny or avoid the truth, but for you, it won’t bend

They take the easy way out instead of  stepping up with a little  commitment

You’ll always be around? Oh, I didn’t know “until things get hard” is what you meant

Are you scared to face all the things they told you to hide?

That’s funny because you were calling someone else’s name all those nights you cried

Allow me to point you in a much better direction

Getting all the poison out is a step toward your protection

Your cries to the world only swell under weight of your deceptive persona

So just let it flow, open up and raise the rivers, you know you wanna