I wish I had the answers, something that provided an explanation as to why some people do such hateful things in the name of a loving God.  Religion is a tricky thing, mostly because many beliefs are evaluated based on who believes them rather than the belief itself.  I see some things that make me want to defend my God, who He is and who He’s not.  Then again, I was taught that the God I call father needs not defense. 

I’m made my fair share of mistakes before my new life and I’m made just as many mistakes after following Him.  That’s not the point.  Anyone who tells you they became perfect, or that they didn’t struggle with sin after putting their life in God’s hands are either being deceitful or sadly mistaken.  Sin and temptation doesn’t lose your number when you become a Christian, in fact, it’s kind of like you’re put on speed dial.  You’re always being tested, always having to prove your convictions.  The only difference now it that now their stronger, but so are you.  Not in and of yourself, but with the person who’s always there to back you up.

Let me tell you what I am not: I am not a protestor, I am not an anti-(insert noun here), I am not perfect, I am not better than anyone.  What I am is God’s, that’s it.  The one thing that I am means so much more than everything that I am not.  If you look to me to prove that Christians are imperfect, you found the right person.  But I hope that you’ll see that as a reason to look to God and not a reason to discount Him.  Personally, the fact that He still accepts and loves me despite my “issues” should be a sign that He’s flipping awesome because there’s no prerequisites to being accepted and loved. 

I don’t know what your experience has been with Christians, whether you are one or if you’re thinking about it, or if you’re completely against what you think we stand for.  What I hope you’ll take away from this is sometimes we are a better representation of how gracious God is than anything else.  You’ll never find a good reason to become a Christian because of Christians, but you’ll find everything you’ve ever been searching for if you become one because of Christ.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far throughout my journey with Jesus is that I’m in it for Him not them.  They are my family and I love them for this.  But we don’t always get it right.  If you’re looking for answers, ask Him.