Caught somewhere between avoiding discomfort and being faced with the truth

Maybe someone else has the answers; someone else knows what to do

I know a good life has an expiration date so I try to soak up what I can

The chaos is closing in on my bubble of “it won’t happen to me”

Strangers on the other side of the country were losing their jobs, now it’s my neighbor

You only hear about children losing their lives at school, now it’s the child who I saw at the bus stop

There’s nowhere that it won’t catch up to you

Listen to some music, read a book, watch TV, surf the internet; anything to escape the terrifying reality

Now it’s on my iPod, on page 62, in every commercial, in red at the top of the screen

Everyone’s scared; no one can say they don’t see it anymore, the walls are closing in

Some are just trying to enjoy their last breath; others are trying to steal it

Caught somewhere in between avoiding the truth and not accepting the lie

Satisfied with not using our rights but furious when they’re taken away

The people with the loudest voices, the most resources

They’re selling me a life that I can’t afford and one that they can’t refund

The people no one hear are taking what they believe they’ll never have… a life

Scared to bring a child into a world where they are more likely to see the grave before I do

Metaphorical and literal, cry in the shadows, smile because it hurts

Run to the suburbs, this kind of pandemonium only happens in the city… not anymore

Caught somewhere between living in a nightmare or pretending to be in a dream