Hello my loves,
Lately I’ve still been posting but my heart and focus hasn’t been in it unfortunately. There’s a reason! I’m just a week away from being a college graduate and that’s taken a lot of my interest (rightfully so). However, I’m pretty much back and ready to shower you all with the attention you deserve.
I also have a favor to ask 🙂 Since this is the time of my life where I have the most time and resources to devote to position myself in the way I want to grow, I am starting another blog. This blog is going to be more of an editorial/peek into my mind.
I’m keeping this separate from Monniiee’s Blog just because the tone and subject matter is different. They will both be by me of course and Monniiee’s Blog will continue to be updated at the same rate. I figure now is the best time to take some chances and fail and/or succeed at the hand of a couple of risks.

My request is the on August 1st you’d take time to stop by and see if it’s something you’d like to follow. If not, that’s totally cool.  I will post the link on this blog to give you a fast connection.  I thank you in advance for supporting me through everything.

My sincerest cyber-love 🙂