My paradise is so close yet so far

As definite as the roll of the pair a dice I’ve been given

“Seven! Seven! Seven!” but sometimes I have to yell out “crap!”

Just a small piece of the pie that must fall in line with the rules

But deciding it far wiser to take another step closer to the ruler

We’ve come this far so we have to be moving

But the sensation is so surreal it’s like we’re watching a movie

Trying to fit big dreams through the head of a needle

But reasons why I should give up, I need little

I’m racking up happiness as I go throughout my days

But sometimes this long walk leaves me in a daze

I hope the things I’m chasing can support my weight

I’d hate to see the manifestation only to realize it wasn’t worth the wait

I have a lot of dying pride that now allows me to be candid

Every time I didn’t think I could go on, I can and did

Amateur continues to be my status in your mind

As long as I rank somewhere in there, I don’t mind

I’ll develop what I have to offer, not what the future holds

Because as long as I live with my hand out, my life’s on hold

Everyone’s got their own version of paradise

So I roll for mine as I shake up my pair a dice