I now see that it’s never been about me.
All the times I complained, his plan has remained.
Of course I don’t deserve what I’ve been given, not with the life I’ve been living.
“Hello Simone, it’s not about you. God has a much better reason for making you brand new.
Yes, you will suffer and there’s no doubt you’ll cry;
But only so He can pick you up from the place in which you lie.”
I hate when the mirror reflects the face of my own
No, I want it to show you and you alone
My eyes have been closed and my mind has grown tired
But I’m plugged back into you and now I’m wired
Now the smile on my face doesn’t fade so fast
And the time of lingering pain has passed
No matter how hard I push or how fast I run
The conquering you set out to do in my heart is done
Until the end, I know hard times will look me in the eye
But these are the things I must go through just like the next guy
Hold my hand and remind me you’re worth all I’ve faced
Never let me forget that this love cannot be replaced