Have you ever woken up with your intuition warning you to brace yourself?
Ignoring the signal because it’s been wrong before?
Only to find out that even if you’d taken precaution, you still would have been knocked back to start.
Maybe I’m the only one.
Opening my eyes to another day that, while it is its own, will probably resemble the others.
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this raw.
Even when I write from my heart, there’s still some control.
Today, there’s nothing of the sort.
Everything means something, it’s always been that way, but today.
If this doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, there’s no rhyme to this reason or method to this madness.
For now, I’ll just open myself to being raw.
Not calculating my words or my next move.
Just going forward; no going back to edit because this is how I live.
A rough draft bypassing the copy editor.
This is me not knowing when it will stop.
When my fingers stop moving, I won’t force them to forge ahead.