I hope I can still feel you and that you can still hear me.

This has been the worst breakup ever.

I’m the bad guy because you did everything right and I still walked out.

And now, like every other love story, I’m crawling back trying to smooth things over by saying I didn’t know any better.

“My life is so empty without you.”

Even when I’m out with my friends smiling and laughing, I still feel your heart breaking, your mind wondering when I’m coming home.

I convince myself that I’m not good enough for you and that you deserve better.

And while that’s true, and we both know it, it still never stopped you from pursuing me.

Your life is so much more enjoyable without me around to mess things up.

Yet, you still keep taking me back knowing I’m going to break your heart again.

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with you? Why would you put yourself through this over and over again?

Then I realize I should be asking myself that exact same questions.

“You gotta good thing going, kid, but you always gotta go and mess it up all over again.”

Maybe I’m just curious  to see how far I can push you.  Is there really no end to your love?

I remember when we used to talk all night, wake up and talk all morning, take a breath then keep talking until the sun sets on us all over again.

You always had the most profound words, the best advice, and that unforgettable voice.

There was no tearing us apart and now the chasm between us can fit anything and everything except my pride.

You saved my life that one day, you really did.

I was just circling my grave waiting for my turn to fall in.

Now here I am, walking that same line again, wondering why I thought this was a good idea in the first place.

The first place… you should be in first place.

It was just us.  Yeah, others came along but really, it was just us.

Now your place is being held by a revolving door of underqualified candidates.

It’s so hard to find good replacements these days.

I keep telling you to let me go, confidently knowing that you never will.

It’s a bluff I hope you never call. If you do, I have no choice but to fold.

It’s impossible to truly revel in the recent successes because it’s you who got me here.

I handed you the pink slip right before the big finish.

Now I’m too weak to carry home the winnings on my own.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if I really even want it.  Without you hear to share it with, it’s all cursed anyway.

It’s like the worst breakup ever…