Treat me like a state, like a smaller piece of a larger portion

Go by a different name, got a slogan and a flag, just missing is a state bird

I have invisible boundaries, but trust me, you’ll know when you cross them

My territory may not look distinctive, but know you’re somewhere new

Yes, I am a part as said before, but more importantly, I am a whole


I have my own laws and enforce them to the highest degree

I don’t tolerate or harbor trespassers or thieves

Everyone is required to pay taxes in the form of respect

Unlike some of my neighbors, you need accurate identification

A passport, because you are not yet a citizen, just passing through


I hope one day to take on the form of a visitor in your state

I’ll pay the same respect of following your laws

Tell me what I owe, make it known before I ever get close

Don’t handcuff me for violating a rule no one knows existed

You are the higher power of your state, your actions should reflect that truth


Armed and ready, prepared to defend the only thing given to us

No intentions of overthrowing any reign, but mindful that some are

I’m not at war because no one wants to challenge those aware of their weakness

So you wanna know my slogan and what flies high on the flag?

“Once I state my boundaries, don’t cross my lines”