I had to do it. My blog gets a little bland with just the over repetitive words… never any pictures. I’d seen a few other bloggers take the time to dedicate a post to giving a better picture of who they are and I enjoyed them, so I decided it might be fun to do the same.  Well, this is who I am, who I really am behind a few words and a computer screen. Past with a little present wrapped in there…

My best friend it in the whole entire world.  She’s been through the best and the worst.

My beautiful (extended) family visiting Ruidoso, NM.  We’re some travelling fools.

A normal day in the life of my family 🙂 This is one of my favorite pictures.  We are sooooo not perfect, but  I love them so much!!!

My long, lost DEEP extended family

By beautiful, affectionately, and appropriately named: Wifeys

I’m not the most athletically inclined (I love to exercise, but I’m not coordinated… at all), so you call always find me at on the bench or in the dugout of a softball game.

Ol English

High school was the best time in my life so far, but age 22 is giving it a run for its money.

  It’s all brought me to here and now… today.

The need to travel (military kid), my best friend, my unique/never a dull moment family, my Wifeys, DEEP, high school, even my inability to play a sport I so desperately wanted to play… all of it has brought me here.  Good and bad, but it’s more fun to attribute it all to good.  Most importantly, all to God.  So now you know