I’ve been away for a long time, too long.
I was so busy looking in the rear view mirror that I forgot to concentrate on where I was heading.
But it wasn’t all in vain.
One thing that becomes more and more apparent is that I am fighting.
Sometimes I get lost and fooled into thinking everything fine.
I can’t physically see it, but I feel it…
There is something wrong, something that’s not right…yet.
The part that I tend to lose sight of is that I’m not immune to the chaos.
When I think all is well, I let my guard down and get attacked every time.
You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now.
I wish I had, but maybe this is part of my lesson.
No, maybe this is the test… and oh, do I want to pass.
I’m battered and bruised and I know I won’t have to take it much longer.
My weeping is not only enduring, it’s dominating the night, but my joy will consume the morning.
The best war tactic is to kill off the biggest and baddest first and leave the weak for later.
That tells me that I am a huge threat because they’re using all they’ve got to try to get rid of me.
I have my wounds, I have my scars, and I’m familiar with the pain.
BUT no one can’t get a shot at my heart, why?
Because it’s somewhere they’ll never find it, in God’s hands and that’s where it’ll stay.