Every time I click a button, it seems I’ve turned over a rock that’s been hiding something special.

I’m tempted to zip my lips and claim it’s my best kept secret but how selfish is that?

You type little bits of encouragement to a stranger whose words struck a cord.

All the while you’d never guess it brought tears to their eyes and confirmation to the soul.

Now, because you set a tiny spark , they’re ready to set a blaze.

Not the kind you run from, but the kind that you run to. Some warmth in such a cold world.

You helped a grave digger realize their true talent was unearthing hidden thoughts and forgotten feelings.

A round of applause for those whose unknowingly become the support system for the next true talent.

Your eyes simply scanned over a few words, yet it was enough to dispel an insecurity.

To your mind, they’re just a profile picture and a collection of thoughts, but to them, you’re a role model

My WordPress family, and my friends & family, When I don’t know, you do.

Faith in ourselves is apparent but wavering. Yours is dependable and obvious.

Thank you…