Oh, how the mighty have fallen, how the tables have turned
Now comes the time for me to apply all the lessons I’ve learned
Everywhere I go I hear your voice
But I’m afraid to answer and acknowledge that I’ve made another wrong choice
It was okay when only I knew of my shame
But how do I go on with life when everything I hear is silenced by you calling my name?
Any other time I would run and find a safe place to hide
Now that’s not an option when what I want to run from is inside
I won’t say it aloud because they wouldn’t understand how I feel
I know it’s only you who possesses what I need to heal
They don’t know ‘the more the pain, the bigger the smile’
You’d think they’d stop falling for my trick since I’ve been at it awhile
It’s all my fault and you just want me to confess
And I can’t justify a reason for giving you any less
You know every little thing I say and do
What’s the point of even attempting to get away from you?
Every second I just feel so anxious and tense
Why I would do this to myself makes absolutely no sense
So much more than wrong, I couldn’t be further from right
I know very well that I’m never going to win this fight
You’ve got this tight little hold on me of which I begged for
I asked that you make it impossible for me to escape you anymore
It’s not that I want to be freed, I won’t last if you let me go
I guess I just didn’t realize that there’s nothing I can do that you wouldn’t know
I’m so tired of fighting, I think this is it
Someone for this world? I think I’m the worst possible fit
I was doing so well but got knocked back to square one
I can’t face you again after all the things I’ve done
It’s the same apology, just a different day
How could you ever love a person who acts this way?
What a sad position I’ve put myself in
I guess I’ll just keep suffering until I turn back to you again