Every day I would try to hide my scars of life
Try to disguise what I’ve acquired from my days of strife
But why cover up the outward signs of healing?
All the while trying to make my new life of salvation sound appealing
If I’m really pleased with what I’ve become
Then I should enjoy looking back on what’s been done
You’ll never be perfect here, we all have flaws
Not a single one has lived a life without breaking laws
Put all your scars out on display
Let others see your gratitude for how God’s showed you the way
Who is going to trust you if you don’t take off your mask?
God will surely provide boldness to complete this uncomfortable task
We need to be vulnerable with one another
Otherwise, how can I sincerely say you’re my sister or brother?
We aren’t called to be perfect
If we were, we’d never be able to connect
No no no, of course I’m stained
But more important is the eternal life I’ve gained