I never knew how it felt to have chains on my wrists and shackles on my feet

I’ll never be able to ask my ancestors because on earth, we’ll never meet

But I’ll bet they’d tell me that what I face today, can be overcome

Yes, there are those who don’t like the way I look, but only some

I think my great great great-aunt would say I’m lucky to live in a time where I’m free

She’d admit that prejudices definitely still exist, but that they can’t stop me

My hair, my skin, my lips, my eyes, they’re all an undeniable brown

While it’s ugly to some, it’s one of the prettiest colors I’ve seen around

“How can you love someone whose ancestors imprisoned your own?”

By remembering the past and recognizing this person isn’t his ancestors clone

I ask, “How can you punish a person whose love doesn’t judge?”

They’re willing to love you despite your unwillingness to budge

I understand that there is still hurt in the hearts of my race

I also understand some are gripping the pain refusing to let it be replaced

I can’t make you change your mind about how you choose to interact

Just know that your decision to spew hate to strangers, I don’t back

Oh yea, I see the difference, I’m not one who claims to be colorblind

What matters is that the love and respect is mutual, not if their skin is the same as mine

I try to be sensitive because for some people this thinking is deep-seeded

For change, a role model, a patient heart, and a good example is needed

Some things will never change, not because they can’t, but because people won’t

Some people accept that things are different today, some don’t

The truth is, it matters, but it doesn’t decide

There are no set of rules in which you’re required to abide

Does this sound like I have a chip on my shoulder?

I hope not, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So look at me and know that I am gorgeous

Because I find that our differences are fabulous

I love your eyes, mouth, nose, arms, legs and that beautiful mane

I got those too, some variation, yet still the same

I’m brown and you’re not

I’m sexy and you’re hot

When you put us together we’re impossible to beat

Because you never put chains on my wrists and shackles on my feet