“I just turn my back to the sun”
That statement is unfamiliar to no one
It’s too early to wake up and its light is disturbing my slumber
It’s a reminder of the time, but I ask it to pick another number
So I say “Good morning, thanks for being here, but I’m not ready”
I regularly take you for granted because you’re coming and going is always steady
I’ll get up soon but first, a little more shut-eye
Would I rather have darkness or daylight? Between those two, it’s a tie
This is a common story, not because it’s morning and we’re unwilling to rise and shine
It’s our constant dismissal of God’s call on your life and mine
Because Jesus is shining so brightly on us that it’s making it hard to stay asleep
We’ll give God our attention if he agrees to let us rest without making a peep
He’s telling us to wake up, but we take our sweet time
To us, it doesn’t matter if he rushes to our aid at the drop of a dime
We say to him, “Thanks for being here, but my eyes are still a little tired”
“We’ll do it in our own time” is our excuse, that’s just how we’re wired
I’m of no use now before the sun rises; well back then, I was of no use before His Son rose
How stubborn and ignorant we are only God knows
We just want to sleep; we’ll rise up eventually but we want to rest longer
The whole time we retreat from God’s light the darkness grows stronger
But what’s normally said and done? The most dangerous thing ever
“I just turn my back to the Son,” we say, thinking we’re clever