Matchbox 20 on blast has a way of making me reevaluate my past

There’s nothing like my favorite crooner Maxwell to make my heart swell

Every time I hear the Foo Fighters, I wanna start putting up some lighters

A little Nsync reassures me that the 90’s were better… I think

Linkin Park makes me a little more apt to enjoy the light as well as the dark

Waka Flocka Flame makes me feel so fly, I’ll scream my own name

Oh Tegan & Sara, they alone started and finished their own beautiful era

With a mellow yet rocker style, Third Eye Blind never fails at blowing my mind

Gotta admit I’m not too big on Britney Spears, not exactly pleasing to my hears

But Maroon 5 makes me feel so in love and invincible, I’m willing to stage dive

Oh there is no rock like Aerosmith, those days of 80’s glory are no myth

Mariah Carey, am I a fan of the true diva? Very!

Erykah Badu gives a voice to the complicated feeling I have for you

They sing my being everyday, and I wouldn’t have it any other way